Monday, April 28, 2014

Donald Sterling Debacle

Over the past few days, almost everyone has heard about Donald Sterling. The owner of the Clippers said some very racist things to his mistress Vanessa Stiviano. The moral of the story is that Donald Sterling didn't take to kindly to his girlfriend posting pictures on Instagram with Magic Johnson and Matt Kemp. I thought I would chirp in on the situation and give my thoughts. 

First and foremost, Donald Sterling is a racist. There is no way around that fact. He has a history of racism in other aspects of his life, not just as the Clippers owner. 

Secondly, his mistress is black and mexican. It doesn't make much sense to me that a racist like Sterling would have a mistress who is a mixture of the people he discriminates against. What an idiot. 

I am going to go out and say it. I severely dislike both Sterling and Stiviano. A simple google search on Stiviano would allow one to find out that she is a HUGE gold digger. She got everything she needed from Sterling, then showed the world who he truly was. According to sources, she was given a Ferrari, TWO Bentleys, and a $1.4 Million dollar apartment. What an ungrateful woman. 

I am not judging Stiviano for the life she chose to live, but anyone who changes their name from Maria Vanessa Perez to V. Stiviano and then makes her name by exposing a person like Sterling to the world to give her name traction and make herself a household name is sleazy. She completely took advantage of Sterling, and that is wrong. 

Now I am not saying what Sterling said was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE because it was. There is definitely no room for someone like him in the NBA. He doesn't deserve to see another game in person for the rest of his life. 

BUT, what if someone recorded your personal conversation? Would you say things that would offend other people? I know I have said my fair share of mean and rude things about other people. Most people have. Any person who tells you that every thing that has come out of their mouth was nice is most likely a liar. With all that said, what Donald Sterling said was so wrong on so many different levels. His background with racism has cost him a lot of money in settlements and lawyers and such. You would think that he would learn to keep his thoughts to himself but he hasn't.

I completely support the Clippers players and how they protested Sterling. If you didn't catch it, they took off their warmups and revealed that they had turned their shooting shirts inside out. 

I think that the players on that Clippers team are the most vital in standing up to Sterling. They are showing that it is more than a game, and more than a business. They are showing that what Sterling said not only affects people in the NBA, but affects an everlasting battle that this country has with racism. It sets us back, but hopefully we can move forward from this, and work towards ending racism. 

If you didn't see this, this may be one of the funniest pictures I have seen in a very long time. 


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