Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This Is The Best Video Of The College Basketball Season

"From old man leagues, to high school games… From the NCAA tourney to the NBA… As a player on the bench you have but one responsibility… GET WILD" 

Colby College Men's Basketball Team leads the nation in sideline celebrations. The D-III team from Maine has come up with many spectacular ways to celebrate plays. 

This is absolutely hilarious. Every Bench Mob in America dreams of creating celebrations like these ones. Takes me back to the days where I believed that we had one of the best Bench Mob's just a season ago. 

That was until I saw this video. 

Every single one of the celebrations that took place for the Colby Mules Bench Mob made me laugh uncontrollably. These players found a way to make being on the bench something to look forward to. 

Personal Favorite: the "I got you man"
This one is the funniest to me because sort of unwritten rule of basketball etiquette is that every player on the bench stands and gives a high five to the player coming off of the court. Not every player is happy to be coming of and doesn't want to give his teammates their five. This happens so often. The one player waves his general five at every teammate on the bench, but he won't take no five for an answer. He proceeds to give every teammate on the bench their due five. Priceless comedy. 

This video was perfectly timed, right before the NCAA tourney. Hopefully we will get to see some fantastic bench celebrations throughout March Madness. Colby College has set the standard, so let's see if anyone can top them. 

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